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Kognac (YAK) Da Liquor Man iz music in its rawest form. A MC who truly does and says what he wants. Born in Chicago Illinois, he took to music at an early age and soaked up all kinds of Hip Hop from both coasts. It was not until a fifth grade talent show performance featuring The Boys and Sir Mix A lot that his talents were recognized. He began to work with different independent labels throughout the early nineties. With sports taking up most of his time throughout high school, he did not truly pursue his music until his college years. There he teamed up with his partner in crime, Da Brooklyn Bad Boy DJ Vaughn, who ran the 89.3 WNUR Six Foot Under Show.  He stayed in the freestyle cipher which included then local artists RhymeFest, MC Juice, Common, TSP, Anacron, Do or Die and Gravity. Often he was told “Man, you should record an album." He soon signed to Big Foot Entertainment ran by former Pro Football player EG "Big Foot" Jones and recorded a self-titled album with a group called Gods of Da Streets. The group opened and performed at several Chicago venues alongside industry greats such as Black Rob, Twista, Speedknot Mobstas, Johnny P., Raphael Saadiq, Crucial Conflict and the Snypaz . With the members of the group all being in school, it was hard to get everyone to focus on careers in music. The group went their separate ways musically but stayed connected. In his sophomore year at Northwestern University he moved into an off-campus apartment on 1241 Emerson in Evanston Illinois. He and his roommates began to throw parties and other events and began to use the address as the name of the crew.  1241 Inc. was born. They began to make appearances at sporting events and fashion events throughout the country. With the success of the crew they became incorporated in February of 2000 and became the independent promotion company to go to in Chicago. Unforeseen calamities almost led to the destruction of their house and business, but they persevered and decided to focus on their own artists and music and the rest is history. The debut album from YAK titled Guess Who? features production from some of Chicago’s own Super Producers: Dug Infinite, NOID, Starchild (SC), BQBeats, NE$, just to name a few. Coming from the inner city of Chicago and being blessed by way of sports and school to live amongst the wealthy has given YAK the ability to address any subject and make music with no boundaries. He is the self proclaimed Most Bitten Underground Artist. He possesses the innovation that music is missing today! And Oh Yeah, he iz also the self-proclaimed Dirty Ole Man! LOL


Intro (An Exclusive)

Life Over

Riding & Smoking

Chi Eye Eye

Dance (Make It Pop)

Married 2 Da Game

Track Dem Trix

Tell His Mama

Deez Nutz

Thats Life

So Real

Dirty Men

A Coward or a King

Something Dope

Get Em Up

Thats Why

Whats The Problem

Who's Coming Wit Me


         Go Getters feat.The Young Gz