Imagine the passion of Tupac, the fiery vocals of Chuck D, the raw rebelliousness of Ice Cube, the linguistic mastery of Dre 3000 and the flow of The Nile River itself infused into one M.C.  Since the age of 11 the MC/Producer  dreamed of becoming a force in Hip Hop. Beatboxing, breakdancing and rapping was the new culture that was sweeping through the hoods of Detroit in the 80's. Hip Hop music became the soundtrack to the lives of those born in Generation X. Kareem stayed with a boombox and always had the latest Run DMC, KRS-One, Rakim, Just-Ice, Stetsasonic, Steady B and Kool Moe Dee cassette tapes. He became more than a fan when he was asked to perform in a Junior High talent show with fellow hip hop fiends. In the song "1241" featured on his debut solo album "Bite Marx", he describes best how his love for rapping ignited. "Walking through schoolhouse doors, Hearing my name echoing off them parquet floors, When I stepped onstage, In eighth grade, All the people got hype at the rhymes I made, I love this ish!" 

 It wasn't until he entered college that he became serious about pursuing a career in rap music. He teamed up with a fellow student/rapper from Dallas and formed the group The Nati. They did shows on campus and at various clubs in Chicago performing on the same stages as Twista, Do or Die, Too Short, Crucial Conflict and the Infamous Syndicate (Shawnna--DTP & Teefa--WGCI DJ).  They decided to start their own label and put out their own project. Shortly thereafter they landed a distribution deal with the Atlanta-based label Ichiban and released their first album B.S. Factor nationwide in the summer of '98.  Unfortunately the group split shortly after their album release due to egos and creative differences.

The M.C. then known as Mood Swing decided to take a break from music and used his college degree to embark on  a career in the corporate world.  While reading a book about the life of Marcus Garvey, Kareem came across a word he couldn't define. That word was bellicose which means "favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars." From then on the rapper known as Mood Swing was to be referred to as Bellicose aka Mr. Bellicosity. With the taste of betrayal in their mouths, Bellicose and 4 other members of the crew decided to start their own group. This led to the incorporation of their company 1241inc. After 4 years of trials and tribulations Bellicose kept the faith, stayed focused and constructed his first solo album entitled "Bite Marx" in 2004, which is chocked full of classic cuts for the streets, strip club and hip hop heads. 

In 2008 the focus was sharpened and the label released Music 2 Ride 4.  This album encompasses the dynamic personality of Mr. Bellicosity.  In the title track "Music 2 Ride 4", he answers Nas' claim that Hip Hop is dead with "They say that hip hop is dead then I must be Jesus Christ! Here to resurrect the industry and give it life! Gimme 3 days and I'll raise the bar above the cash and cars! My flow come from the stars!" Socially-conscious rhymes permeate the entire album but they reach their boiling point on songs like “Sugar 2 Da Burbs", “We R This Music” and “Life Ain’t Sweet” While calling for the heads of dirty politicians and cops alike, Mr. Bellicosity can’t escape the dichotomy of his Gemini zodiac sign on this effort.  He lays out his “hood” resume and street prowess on the street bangers “Just Happen 2 Rap”, “Turn Some Corners” and “Its All Gotta Go”. While his laid back alter-ego comes across in the songs “I'm Gone Chicago", which expresses his love and hate of the city he now calls home and “Riding High”, which CHRONICles his travels across the country at ‘high’ altitudes. This song inspired another moniker, "I can't wait to takeoff and stretch my feet for a span, They call me Runway Reem wherever ya boy land."

In 2011 Mr. Bellicosity aka Runway Reem landed himself in federal prison for activities he alluded to in his previous album.  After serving 4 years he returned to his hometown streets of Detroit with a new fire in his belly and a book full of albums worth of new music.  Fresh Out Volume 1 (Old School Fresh) is the first project to be dropped in 2018, filled with fresh rhymes over remixes of his favorite old school tracks by Nas, Master P, Outkast, Spice-1, Bone, AZ, 2Pac, JayZ and Biggie.  In the lead single he starts off with "Fresh out the pen with a fresh pair of Jordans, fresh ink in my pen I'm freshly recording. Fresh ink on my skin, gotta story to tell.  Fresh blade on my skin, gotta remove the gel/jail."